EcoClean Northland


By booking a cleaning service with Eco Clean Northland you are agreeing to our terms and conditions 

  • Payments

Commercial: Invoices are sent out on the 1st of each month for all 

commercial businesses and due on the 20th of the same month sent

Residential: All payments are due upon completion of the job

All other clients: Invoices and payment are due upon completion of the job

  • Bank account details

Please use business name or surname as reference

ANZ:  06 - 0493 - 0557009 - 00

  • Claims and Insurance

Eco Clean Northland has public liability insurance. The policy will cover any accidental damages. The client accepts breakage/damage must be reported within 24 hours

  • Hours of business

We are open for business 7 days a week from 7 am - 5 pm

After hours by arrangement 

Bookings are essential

  • Weekends & Late nights

A call-out fee of $150 is payable in advance if you require a one off clean outside of our normal hours or Saturday and Sunday
Public holiday call-out fee $250

  • Holidays & Long Weekends

We are open certain statutory holidays throughout the year. 

If requested a special price will be charged to clean on any public holiday.

If your regular cleaning falls on one of these days we will reschedule you for another day. Weekly clients will have first choice of rescheduled dates. If you are away please reschedule so not to be charged a cancellation fee

  • Updating your contact details

This can be done by email, phone or text message.

  • Gift Cards

Gift cards are valid for up to 12 months from the issued date.

Gift cards are non-refundable and cannot be exchanged for cash in part or full and are valid in a single transaction

  • Refer a friend (We are not offering this special)
Refer a friend  A Referring Customer must disclose the fact that they are a Eco clean customer and on our list of clients when you make the referral. 
If you are making your first booking with Eco clean from someone who has referred you, make sure you mention the name of your referee when booking. 
The reward is not cash and cannot be exchanged for cash.
This Offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.

  • Cleaning time
Commercial cleans are a minimum of 1 hour
Residential  cleans are a minimum 2 hour clean

  • Cleaners wear watches and time all cleans right down to the last minute, this time does not include unpacking, setting up & packing up etc So you get your full time of cleaning

  • Oven Clean

Ovens need to be kept cleaned regularly, if not grease and buildup takes longer and is harder to remove. 
If we find your oven has not been cleaned for some time this will take longer to clean  and will cost more.

My oven price list is based on ovens being cleaned on a regular basis.

 Stains and ‘wear & tear’ cannot be removed but we can remove even the toughest burnt on carbon and grease from your appliance regardless of the material it is made from, whether stainless steel, glass , enamel or cast iron.

Since we do not clean elements and thermostats, we do not undertake any responsibility if the are not functioning after cleaning.

All used ovens can breakdown at any time. As professionals we do not touch or harm any electrical parts of the oven. Therefore we do not accept any responsibility for any electrical faults.

Knobs and markings on the panel may come off while cleaning. Therefore, it is the customer's responsibility whether the cleaner should carry out cleaning of the panel or not.

We do not clean door rubber seals. But we try our best to keep it tidy.

  • Hanging Artwork, Furniture, Mirrors and Televisions
All TVs, dressers, bookcases, mirrors, and other pieces of furniture and artwork should be properly mounted and secured to the wall.  Use brackets, braces or wall straps to secure unstable or top-heavy furniture or artwork to the wall. 

We take no responsibility for any items that fall or break if they are not mounted and secured to the wall properly

  • Services
The number of cleaners attending to perform the services may vary but this does not affect the price nor will it affect the cleaning time booked. e.g. if you have booked 2 hours and 2 cleaners arrive the cleaners will clean for exactly 1 hour each
The services will only be provided for the amount of time you have booked.

  • Cancellations/Re booking

At Eco Clean, Northland we have a strict cancellation policy, we require a minimum of 48 hours notice for cancellations or re booking. Contact must be made by phone or text message. The full amount will be charged if contact is less than 24 hours. 

Please contact Stacey directly if you have any questions about our cancellation policy.

  • Break from Cleaning
If you require a break from your cleaning schedule for any reason February 1 - December 1 we are unable to guarantee you will not lose your spot on your normal booked day or time. We will try our best to fit you on the list on your return but this can not be promised. 

During the Christmas and New Years holidays we allow you to take a break from cleaning with appropriate notice.
Cleaning services must resume by February 1st of the New Year.

  • Lock outs / Access

If we are locked out or alarm codes, gate codes, locks changed or lock box codes have been changed without notice, our cleaners will wait up to 10 minutes after trying to make contact via phone & text message without a response before the job is cancelled and the full amount of the bill is charged.

  • Health & Safety

On grounds of health & safety, we are under no obligation to clean up vomit, blood or any other bodily spillages. If requested a special price will be charged for this service. Bookings essential for this service.

  • Rubbish

We do collect and remove rubbish & recycling on request, however if there is fly larvae in the rubbish or on the premises you will be contacted to remove them yourself or if requested a special price will be charged for this service.

  • Children

Children must be supervised at all times. We have buckets of hot water as well as electrical equipment that are not safe for children to touch.

  • Animals 

Please secure any animals that may be a threat or able to run free. If we are unable to access the property, our cleaners will wait up to 10 minutes after trying to make contact via phone & text message before the job is cancelled and the full amount of the bill is charged.

  • Cleaning products 

We use environmentally friendly, non toxic and some plant based products. 

Our most used products are concentrated to save on plastic bottle waste.

Some packaging is biodegradable but all recyclable.

Our products are safe for use in septic tanks. 

If you would like us to use a certain cleaning product please ask